Climate Cafe Birnam and Dunkeld launched in June 2015, creating a space for people to get together to talk and act on climate change. It was a great success as we discovered people really valued having a place to share ideas, projects, new business proposals or challenges. It created a space for a chat and action.

Over time ideas emerged from the Climate Cafe to become events, festivals, community projects and the support for each other, collective projects and for children and young people’s action is wonderful.

More Climate Cafes, inclusive open spaces, started to pop up in neighbouring communities and in other parts of Scotland, often following a Climate Reality talk. Now Climate Cafes communicate across the region and beyond, sharing ideas and support for action on climate change.

This year, we look forward to the launch of a new platform for collaboration and working with Climate Reality for COP 26 in Glasgow.

To get involved with a Climate Cafe near you or start your own Climate Cafe – visit http://www.climate.cafe or contact info@climate.cafe

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